Recently asked questions about our products.

Where are our products made?

Our products are 100% made in the UK using carefully selected materials to provide the best finished results for our customers. We have a very close relationship with our UK manufacturers and we are all very particular in ensuring our beds are the best they can be.

How can I get my dog or cat to sleep in their own bed instead of on the sofa?

Thats easy, try a SNUGBUM and see for yourself. Seriously though, we have had numerous reports of "non-pet-bed" type pets trading the sofa/bed for a SNUGBUM, they really are just a little bit special.

How can I wash my pet bed?

We understand the importance of needing to regularly wash your pet beds, which is why we have ensured ours can be chucked in the washing machine. Our premium fur beds have removable covers and water resistant inners. Our fancy patterns and bold coloured beds can be chucked in the wash whole. The Large and Extra Large sizes may not fit in smaller washing machines, however you can take them to a laundrette with a larger drum size just like you would your duvet. we recommend air drying any of our beds or removable covers flat. With the premium faux fur you can brush the fabric with a hair brush to keep its luscious, bunny soft feel.

What size pet bed shall I order?

If you have a small cat or small dog (chihuahua, teacup breed) the small size will fit perfectly. For dogs and larger cats that are terrier sized to small spaniel sized the medium will fit perfectly. For larger sized dogs such as labradors and Dalmatians the Large sized bed will fit perfectly. For supersized dogs we recommend the XL. Our beds are designed to have a deep edge to hug around the pet therefore a snug fit is ideal for this cosy comforting feel. If however, you have a pet that really likes to stretch out, I would advise to size up. Please message me if you would like me to help you choose the best fit. 

Does SNUGBUMS ship outside of the UK

Yes, absolutely. While the website is relatively new we are are uploading new locations into the shipping section regularly. If you have a specific location that isn't already loaded please contact us and we will address this ASAP.

How can I help a pet with anxiety?

The classic donut design of our beds are designed to comfort and sooth anxious dogs and help them to drift into a peaceful snuggly nap. The deep sides offer support, and give a feeling of being held or cuddled to the pet so they don't feel alone or worried when we are out at work or catching a good nights sleep ourselves. The filler we have used has been selected specifically for its durability so as to keep the beds firm yet cosy.

Do SNUGBUMS offer Military discount?

Yes, we certainly do. We offer 15% Military discount on all of our luxury pet beds. Being a Military wife myself I am very keen to thank our fellow serving personel (pets and humans) on their tremendous work. I would be very interested to hear of any service and ex service working dogs needing a new bed as I would like to include a special thank you gift in their parcels.

Please use the messenger function on this page to contact me if you have any further questions. I am always happy to help.